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Thread: 9 month old getting enough breastmilk?

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    Default 9 month old getting enough breastmilk?

    Hi everyone, I'm a first time mom and so far I've had no problems breasfeeding.

    About 2 weeks ago at 8.5 months, we went from BF every 3-3.5 hours to BF every 4-5 hours. Now he's 9 months and he eats solids 3 times a day and BF 4 times a day. Is this normal? Is this enough? I only nurse him when he gets up in the morning and then before he naps (so he falls asleep) and then before bed. If it wasn't for naps and bedtime, he would not be interested in BF at all, I'm afraid, and I'm willing to nurse MORE but he doesn't want to! Is this ok? I'm concerned because a) I've read that BM should be the main source of nutrients for the whole first year and b) if he keeps wanting less, I'm afraid he'll wean before 1 year. How can he be getting most of his nutrients from BM if he nurses only 4 times per day?
    I don't give him more than 2 oz. of water in a sippy cup per day, maybe I should reduce the solids?
    I have to add that he still wakes up at least 3 times a night and I have to nurse him back to sleep. I've been wanting to reduce the night feedings but since he started nursing less (only 4 times) during the day, I'm afraid if I don't at least nurse a few times at night, he won't get all the BM he should be getting.

    Anyone else experience this? Thanks for your answers!

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    Default Re: 9 month old getting enough breastmil

    So he's actually nursing 7 times a day. And it sounds like you want to shift most of that to the daytime? I would probably cut way back on the solids. Part of it is that he's probably just super interested in doing other things and is too busy to nurse, so he only wants to do it when he's sleepy.

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    Thanks, I've reduced the solids per the babycenter website where they write how much an 8-10 mt. old should eat, ie. up to 1/3 cup dairy per day. His portions were just too big now we're back to 5-6 times bf daily. I love bf so don't want to wean too soon! Thanks for your reply!

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