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Thread: bad habit! end feeding with pacifier!

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    Default bad habit! end feeding with pacifier!

    Hi! I have a 9 week old baby and I am honored to be a breastfeeding mama! My little guy loves to suckle! I never time our feedings or stop him from eating until he is completely ready. Sometimes after a feeding he will start bobbing his head at my breast or start grunting in between gulps. He will start fidgeting or crying. I feel like he is full or has a bubble. I try to burp him but he seems to get more upset because he wants to go back to the breast.. then he will grunt and bob some more.
    If I pop a pacifier in his mouth, he immediately calms down and is soothed.
    I feel like he wants to suck but is done with the milk part!
    If I do not give him the pacifier, he will pop on and off the breast and end up spitting up soooo much. He is gassy baby and spits up often, but gaining healthy.
    I always thought I wouldn't use a pacifier, but he seems to really enjoy sucking. I would like to try not to use the pacifier.... but I want him to be happy and satisfied after a feeding. Has anyone experienced this? Or can anyone give me any advice? Thank you.
    I am block feeding him right, right, left, left, because of green poops.. They have turned yellow!

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    Default Re: bad habit! end feeding with pacifier

    Great news that the block feeding is working for you!

    Honestly, my son did something similar regarding the pacifier. If I tried to put him back to the breast he would get upset and spit it out until I gave him a paci. He really didn't like getting milk when he wasn't hungry. My daughter (who came first) was the complete opposite and would nurse forever if I let her, milk or no. It may be just a personality thing. If you offer a few times and he just doesn't want the breast I wouldn't worry too much about letting him have the pacifier, especially if you don't have any issues with his latch. You just don't want to rely on it to calm him without offering to nurse.
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    I am a fan of a pacifier for a baby with high suck needs. I used one with both of my children, and with my son (the only one who nursed past infancy), it was a valuable tool later on in helping him learn to fall asleep without nursing. We fed until he was full, but not asleep, I popped the pacifier in his mouth, and continued snuggling him to sleep.

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    Default Re: bad habit! end feeding with pacifier

    My DD does the same thing! I think she doesn't like to get any milk when all she wants to do is suck. A minute or 2 of binkie after a feed and she's fine. So far, it hasn't caused any issues.

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    yup same here!! my DS#1 didn't have an issue giving up the paci when he found his thumb

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    My DD is the same way. It started in the beginning when I was battling really bad OS/OALD. She would still want to suckle for comfort, but if she was on the breast too long she'd get too much milk and end up vomiting. The pacifier worked well for both of us. It allowed her to suck without being overfed, and it also prevented her need to suck from further stimulating my supply and worsening the OS. I viewed the pacifier as a win/win rather than a bad habit at that stage.

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    I don't use a paci, but don't have a problem with them as long as they aren't used as a breast replacement. I would just watch the weight gain and wet and poopy diapers to make sure your LO is actually getting the milk he needs. If all that is in order, more power to you! Sometimes I do wish DD was interested in a paci to give me a break from the comfort sucking she loves, but she's just not interested.

    ETA: I just realized I sound like I'm contradicting myself. What I mean is: as long as the baby is getting enough mommy snuggles and milk, then I think the paci is okay. When people use them just to shut their baby up, that's not okay!

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    my LO did this too. Actually, he still does it at bedtime at night and he's 19 months old. He only asks for it when he's really tired now in his bed - but at that age i didn't restrict paci use to only bedtime. I always offered to nurse first and paci second, and didn't worry about it at all
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    It sounds like you've found something that works for your baby. Nothing wrong with that! But like sixyearplan said, as your supply regulates he might be more content to comfort nurse at the breast and not need the pacifier. Maybe you could give it a few weeks and then try again to phase out the paci, and see what happens?

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