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Thread: water and fluid intake concern

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    Default water and fluid intake concern

    My DD is almost 23 months! We are still nursing 2-3 times a day. I feel as though my milk supply is very little at this point based upon the number of wet diapers she has. My concern is that she drinks very little water. She has not had problems in the past drinking from a cup and now she does not want to drink at all. I have tried to act like I do not care and leave it within her reach so she can drink it and have tried offering it and she says no. She may drink about 4 oz. total. I am not interested in giving her juice as I feel this is all she would drink. She sometimes will drink cows milk when I am at work, but I just feel like she does not drink enough. How much do your little ones drink. I am letting her self wean. I just am not sure how many oz of liquid she should have. I am thinking she gets a total of 10 oz total of fluid between nursing and water. Just worried. I am basing this 10 oz on how wet her diapers are. Nothing like they were 6 months ago.

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    Default Re: water and fluid intake concern

    Will she drink water in the bathtub? My daughter drinks a ton of bath water for some reason.

    It doesn't sound like enough liquid to me either...

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    Default Re: water and fluid intake concern

    I found that if I give her a small cup to drink out of and let her spill it she really likes drinking water. So definitely ditch the sippy cup and give her a translucent cup so she can see the water. There are also some Montessori pouring activities that might interest her. Pouring is a great activity for this age. I see my DD take a sip sometimes when she is transferring from one to another. You could also give her a big plastic bowl and ladle and let her drink that way. Sometimes making it fun will encourage water intake. She also likes to drink bathwater so I get it from the tap and pour a long stream that she intercepts with her mouth. In short, make it fun!
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    Default Re: water and fluid intake concern

    sometimes I worry that my daughter isn't drinking enough either because sometimes her urine is fairly dark yellow. I offer her water throughout the day in a cup and sometimes she prefers ice water to plain water and that helps. I don't blame you for not going to juice route, I really don't give her juice either. I offered her orange juice a few weeks ago when we all had colds and she didn't take more than a sip anyway.
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    Default Re: water and fluid intake concern

    IVe watched a set of sibblings fight over a neat water bottle at the day care I work at.
    maybe getting a new fancy cup would get her drinking?

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    Default Re: water and fluid intake concern

    Have the same problem here.
    My son is obsessed with ice chips.. so I let him have ice chips because i know he is at least getting that much more water. Sigh.
    You could try the fancy new cup?

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