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Thread: The White-Out Campaign

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    Default The White-Out Campaign

    I just ran across this. http://www.drgreene.com/whiteout
    Anything that encourages healthier eating for children and less processed food.

    White rice the #1 source of calories for babies under 11 months? Ugh!

    But anyway I'm out here in Belgium, has anyone on the other side of the Atlantic seen or heard of this? Or what in general do you think about this?

    I've never heard of this doc either, let me know if he's thought of as a quack or something...
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    Default Re: The White-Out Campaign

    Never heard of him... Beyond that, I can see his point about avoiding feeding extremely processed foods, and trying to promote more whole foods. Most of DD's first foods were puréed veg or fruit, then bite sized chunks of those and meat etc etc BUT Im a sahm mum with time to make that stuff so i do wonder what the average north american working mum actually does feed her baby. Not to generalize or assume... I just know if I was working, the quality of our home cooking would be much poorer. And then, even with the better quality of store bought baby foods, what are the additives/fillers? I refuse to buy baby cereal locally because they only sell the probiotic added types. <shaking head>
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