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Thread: Can a baby be allergic to breastmilk?

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    Unhappy Can a baby be allergic to breastmilk?

    Hi all-

    I just came home from the Doctor who claims my 12 week old girl may be allergic to breast milk. She has had blood in her stool in early July. I have since taken out all forms of dairy and soy in addition to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and eggs. Her acid reflux and mucousy stools seemed to improve by mid July but now we are dealing with a horribly gassy baby! She is in such pain especially after a feeding that she screams and goes from sitting to standing with her arms outstretched and you can't sit her down to burp her. These swells of gas come on throughout the day and are very rarely alleviated successfully. She also is passing very smelly gas that makes it seem like she has a dirty diaper. and went from going number two a few times a day to going once or twice every couple of days. Anybody experience this? The doctor wants to put her on formula but I simply do not want to go that route unless there are no other options. Help me...please!

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    Oh, poor baby! The short answer is no, a baby can't be allergic to breastmilk (at least not without it being a serious, life-threatening condition). She may be sensitive to some food proteins in your milk, which you've already considered.

    Has she been diagnosed with reflux? Is she being treated for it?

    The other possibility that immediately comes to mind is overactive letdown. The symptoms can be similar. Does she ever gulp, choke, or sputter when your milk lets down?

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    with LLLKaren. In addition, I wanted to ask if your baby's reflux medications have been adjusted recently? Babies grow and the necessary dosage can change. The fact that her body tenses up so much that you cannot sit her down makes me think that this might be the case- a flexed or arched back can be a sign of relfux.

    One thing I wouldn't be concerned about is her poop frequency, and the smelly toots. It's normal for breastfed babies to skip a day or even go as much as a week between poops, and when that starts to happen the toots start to really stink. My first baby could clear the room when she passed gas. :P

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    My DD cried with bad gas after each feeding. It got so bad she would pull off and cry during feedings. She never had blood in her stools though! I read about good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract aiding digestion, and realized that my three rounds of antibiotics might have messed her up. I bought some powdered Baby's Jaro-Dophilus from my local health food store and put a pinch on me just before she nursed. She didn't pull off and cry for the first time that feeding and hasn't had nearly as much trouble since. I hope this idea can help your poor baby.

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    glad your here there are some helpfull btdt moms around just find the allery stickies.
    Hang in there.

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    Something that might shed some light on why your lo isn't feeling better is milk proteins can take 14 days to get out of your milk. I attempted a dairy elimination before my lo was 9 months but when it didn't work after a couple days I quit it. My lo has a severe milk allergy. We found out when she was given yogurt at 9m. So once I quit milk for good about 12 days later the terrible rash (that was misdiagnosed as eczema) went away.
    Its not easy to eliminate a food from your diet but its worth a good try in your case.
    July 30, 2010-6lbs 2oz- 41w 4d (emergency c-section.) Known dairy, eggs, dogs and cats allergies, eczema, and asthma
    Bonus June 22, 2006 (is 50/50 Custody ) (born 32w) Sensitive to changing temps.
    We BF, BW, Co-sleep and use cloth diapers/pull-ups!

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    Yes, a baby can be allergic to breast milk. My baby - who is a teenager now - was diagnosed allergic to breast milk. This allergy was found after testing all other ingredients first. I left out gradually almost everything in my food. The last thing doctors ordered me to try was to change breast milk to cow milk and bing, there it was. He started to sleep well again, the colic and pain was gone.
    Nowadays The boy is perfectly healthy and not allergic to anything. What would be interesting to know how many diagnoses are there yearly, and are there other allergies later on when these babies grow.

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