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    So here is my situation, my dd has been gaining well according to her pediatrician and has not asked me to supplement of anything. She was born 5-25 weighing 6lb 4 oz so she is 10 wks tomorrow and weighs 10 lbs 9 oz at last apt on 7-25. At home she feeds on demand so I dont know if Im not producing enough to feed her in 1 sitting to make it last a while? Hard to measure what you cant see. I was supposed to start back to work on Tuesday so we started introducing her to daycare on Monday. I realized my grand supply I had been storing up really wasnt much when I barely made 14 oz with all of it. So emptying my stock had me worried. I startd pumping every 2 hrs while she is away to make enough milk for next day. I was only able to pump around 12 oz and sent formula if she needed more. She finished all of her milk and today I have again been pumping the same rate and only got 7 oz as of right now. I dont want to supplement but I am afraid I will have to if I go back to work. My leave time has run out and getting push back about not returning to work yet but I cant pump every 2 hrs at work.... I AM SO CONFUSED on what to do an suggestions on increasing supply? Is my supply low? If my supply was decreasing wouldnt she be getting fussy? Could my supply change because of stress? How do you know if you have a low supply? She has normal output. is any of this normal? should I just stay home? Does it seem about right for 10 wk to eat 3-4 oz apx every 2 hrs? could she be being over fed?

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    A good rule of thumb is 1-1.5oz for every hour you are separated, so if she wants to eat every two hours, you need to send 2-3 oz bottles.

    What kind of pump are you using?
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    Medela freestyle. wow. that doesnt seem like much. dd only being there two days and both from 930 a to 430 p so 7 hrs and has consumed 4- 3-4oz bottles each day...should I cut it back and send smaller bottles so she doesnt over eat or let her continue? She isnt throwing up or spitting up?

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    i would cut back. for 8 hours, she really only needs 12 ounces at the upper limit of what's suggested babies need, and she's still so young! So that's def. lots. Another thing i found helpful was to nurse right before leaving her and right when i got home, so the amount needed while i was gone was on the lower side. I had a hard time keeping up with what my son needed too - i would pump about an hour after i put him down for the night, and also once in the middle of the night when he started sleeping for longer periods. Some Moms also pump right after LO is done nursing to increase their supply. Good luck. Oh - a baby doesn't always spit up when they're too full - but a baby almost always WILL finish a bottle when offered, no matter how big - so just because she's eating it doesn't mean that she needs it. It is possible to overfeed a breastfed baby when they're getting the milk from a bottle. Just try to keep her eating "schedule" at day care as close to what she seems to do when you're home with her. Does she generally eat every two hours? Then feed her small bottles every two hours.
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