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Thread: Baby fusses at breast after work

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    Default Baby fusses at breast after work

    I just went back to work today after being on leave for 6 wks, prior to returning to work, we have been practicing w/ bottles so my LO could get used to them and accept them for my mom (caretaker). At night, she gets so fussy when she goes to the breast, she grunts and cries and pulls on me and she wants to eat/suck but cries about it at the same time. I'm not sure if she's just fussy because of the time or because my breasts don't have the same the flow of the bottle or what and I don't want to make me going back to work harder on her than what is already is. To make things worse, one breast produces 1/2 the amount of the other.

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    i think she is probably just being fussy. you away from her is a big change, she now has a long day just like you do. I find my lo is very fussy after work. also, she can release all her emotions once you are there. i've been walking my baby in our baby carrier when i get home, just around the block, and its a nice way for us to both unwind.

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    I've been back at work for about 2 months now, and DS frequently fusses when I show up at my mom's to pick him up and want to nurse him. It's at his usual nursing time (after he wakes up from a nap) and he's just crankier in the evenings. He's like this on weekends sometimes also, so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with me being gone or getting a bottle, but just that the evenings are harder than the mornings.

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    had the same experience as PP when I went back to work for a few weeks. Tamed down a LOT around 3 months old. Still will be occassionally fussy in the evenings.. been told early evening is often babies' "witching hour" when the are just tired, restless and cranky

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