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Thread: Should I be offering snacks?

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    Default Should I be offering snacks?

    DS will be a year old on the 10th ( ), and while he likes a wide variety of solids (everything from poblano peppers, to bratwurst, to cantelope), he only gets food whenever we eat. Occasionally I'll eat a midafternoon snack, and he'll get some of whatever I'm eating then. But should I be giving him a midafternoon snack regularly?

    Question which just popped into my head and is only tangentally related to snacking... When can I start offering raw veggies (carrot sticks, etc)?

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    Default Re: Should I be offering snacks?

    I don't recall being at the point where I was planning for snacks at a year old. I think I just let her eat whenever I was eating. Prob depends on how much you're nursing vs. giving food. I think the most I did was carry around little tangerines or bits of other food in a small tupperware in case she seemed hungry and it wasn't convenient to nurse. I bet it varies a lot though.

    As far as raw veggies, probably when then get some molars? Geez, it is crazy how little I can remember! Depends on the veggie, I suppose. Peeled cucumbers seems easier than raw carrot sticks, for instance. I know my DD ate pickled radishes and cucumbers w/hummus when pretty young... sometime after she was walking, so a little after a year. But really, I think it varies widely on how much you nurse, teeth, individual tastes, etc.

    Hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Should I be offering snacks?

    If your lo is eating three meals a day and seems to be hungry in the afternoon, I would offer a snack in addition to nursing. If your lo seems content with nursing only then I wouldn't worry about an afternoon snack yet.
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    Default Re: Should I be offering snacks?

    I agree with PP about judging by your LO. My DS eats a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack (he'll be 14 months old next week), but that's because he's hungry. He rarely eats a "large" meal, so he does get hungry fairly quickly. If we're out and about, I keep a container of crackers or Cheerios with me. I'll offer it, and often he'll take it and eat happily. Other times, he's just not that interested. If we're home, I'll often have a snack (a banana or something) and share it with him.

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