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Thread: thawed milk after 24 hrs

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    Default Re: thawed milk after 24 hrs

    i felt like such an idiot when it was happening!

    i am going to use the number sytem

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mtmama View Post
    i had asked the dcp to use that bag first but she did not... so when i go to pick him up i see it in the fridge and i cringed! i was so distracted i ended up carelessly carrying a poopy diaper around the room, dripping poop on everything! it was one of those really leaky poops and it hadnt absorbed into the diaper yet. i was swinging around the dirty diaper like it was my job to spray poop everywhere. and it was everywhere! i use cloth there and no one else does so i felt like she was thinking "those stupid cloth diapers" and this crazy BF mom. i didnt want to complain about the milk on top of my episode. when i got home i saw there was a big smear of poop on my foot too.
    Thanks, I needed that.

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    Default Re: thawed milk after 24 hrs

    too funny!!!!

    yes i have also used the should have used milk....

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