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Thread: What do I do with my pump?

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    Default What do I do with my pump?


    I was wondering if there was a organization or someplace that would use my Medela pump? My children are weaned and I no longer need it. I hate to just toss it in the trash. Any suggestions?


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    Most organizations will not take used pumps, since they are generally considered "single user" devices. However, there are many mommies who would welcome a good used pump! I suggest contacting your local LLL and asking if they have a mommy who could use yours. There might be someone who can't afford her own, or needs a backup pump...

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    I don't know anything about this organization other than what it says here, but I remembered having come across them a few years ago.

    I breast milk fed my Blossom for fifteen months (after exclusively pumping for thirteen). My Bud (nineteen months) is still nursing directly (after a rough start that included a few months of pumping and supplementing with mommy's milk).

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