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Thread: Is it too late for us?

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    Default Is it too late for us?

    My son will be 8 weeks old on Monday. As of today, he has only latched using the nipple shield. And that only works 80% of the time. At this point I think it just won’t happen for us. I have tried skin to skin and removing the shield after a few minutes of sucking. He refuses the nipple every time.
    To give you an idea, every feeding I try nursing on his favorite side with the nipple shield. He nurses on that side for about 30 minutes or until he falls asleep. I then try switching sides and he completely freaks out and refuses to switch even with the shield. So I try putting him back on the first side and he refuses. So I give him formula. I then pump and I get about as much as I would if he had not nursed. This makes me think he is not removing milk with the shield. So I try without the shield and if I even get him to latch he sucks maybe three times and then screams and sucks on his fist.
    Is it too late for him to “get it”? I thought we would be nursing by now and the thought that I will fail at breastfeeding for the second time (I only lasted 3 weeks with my first) breaks my heart. I doesn’t help that I have PCOS which is affecting my milk supply.
    I am also taking a bunch of supplements and medication to increase my supply along with pumping at least every time he feeds and I am only able to pump one ounce at most each session. I feel like my body is failing him and it scares me to think that I really cannot breastfeed. And advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mama, using a shield doesn't mean you aren't nursing. If the shield is working for you keep using it. Lots of moms do.

    How do you know he isn't full after you give him the first breast? Some kids only take one side per nursing session.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*norasmommy View Post
    Mama, using a shield doesn't mean you aren't nursing. If the shield is working for you keep using it. Lots of moms do.

    How do you know he isn't full after you give him the first breast? Some kids only take one side per nursing session.
    I know a mama who used a nipple shield for two years.

    If you nurse him with the shield, what are his poops like? Are his diapers wet? If so, then you are making enough milk. The pumping is not a good indicator of supply. Your BABY is a better indicator of supply.
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    Thank you for your responses!

    The reason I think he is still hungry after one breast is because is cries afterward and quiets down once he gets a bottle. Sometimes he does just fall asleep so I know then he is probably full so i let him sleep. As far and the diapers are concerned I would attribute that to the formula he is getting.

    I think the reason I am worried is becuase I have that 20% of the time when things go well and he latches with the sheild and eats and is content. The the other 80% of the time he seems he could take it or leave it and I am worried he doesn't have an incentive to keep at it since I am supplementing. But I am also scared of taking the supplement away since I feel he is getting most of his nutrition from it at this point.

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    I was not using the shield so can't advise on how to get off that, but was able to eliminate supplements, bottles, and one breast at a time feedings. It took me 7 weeks to get from almost all bottles at 5 weeks to EBF at 12 weeks on both breasts.

    First, see this link on kellymom on how to wean off the formula supplements and hopefully at least supplement with EBM only:

    Once you get to only breast milk try the following to get the baby off bottles/supplements and only on breasts:

    -if baby takes one breast + supplement, feed baby twice as often on only breast. I would feed every 1 to 1 1/2 hrs one breast at a time.

    Once baby is only at the breast the following tricks worked for me to get my DS to take both breasts at each feeding:

    - before baby is done on first breast, slide baby over to second breast without turning baby (you will end up with football hold on the second breast)


    - before baby is done on first breast and while in the middle of a vigurous suck (keep rooting reflex going), switch baby to second breast (ok to turn)

    Some other tips:
    *feed baby while falling asleep, sleeping, or just waking up (groggy)
    *have baby suck on finger first to get the rooting started and then quickly switch with breast
    *don't let baby develop a breast preference - start on alternate sides.
    *If baby has breast preference, start with least preferred breast first so that you have higher changes of baby taking second (preferred) breast at the same feeding.

    These are some of the things that worked for me. I would work on one thing I wanted to change at a time, and then move on to the next and so on. It's hard work but you can do it!
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