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    HI ladies,
    Please bear with me as I'm still new to all of this.
    I have a question in regards to spit up. With Baby D whenever he had formula he spit up and it was chunky. B has been spitting up lately, not all the time but every now and then and sometimes it's chunky. Is this normal for a breast fed baby? This morning he nursed for probably 10 minutes, burped while he was still on the boob and then when he came off he spit up.
    I just want to make sure there's not anything wrong. Everything else is fine with him, he's thriving and pees/poops like a champ. I was just caught off guard when I saw the chunky spit up...thankfully it doesn't smell like formula spit up.
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    Normal. If excessive or he gets fussy, he could have reflux.
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    Half of what my DD spits up is chunky, looks like cottage cheese. Never seems to be an issue.

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    Normal. Expect a lot of variation in your LO's spit-up, from thin and milky to thick and chunky. I think the longer the milk spends in your LO's tummy, the more likely it is to be cheesy.

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    Asked my daughter's pediatrician the same questions years ago. Basically spit up that is waterylike is milk that didn't make it all the way down. The chunky spit up basically made it all the way down. And yes, it doesn't smell like formula.

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