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Thread: Little supply for 3 1/2 month early baby

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    What you need is your baby. Once she is strong enough she will be able to express far more milk than any pump can.

    I personally don't agree with formula having anything special or better in it for your baby. Nothing is better for a preemie than mothers milk. Your body knows exactly what your baby needs and alters it based on that. But I'm not a doctor. Just a mother of a preemie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bfdeal View Post
    I asked around to some friends in the medical field and they say it -CAN- be done, but the reason they want her on the formula is for the calorie count and development. Supposedly it has stuff in it that is more likely to help her play catch up on development with her brain/eyes/organs. Though they are saving my milk for when they nipple feed her to make her more accustomed to that taste than to the formula.:/
    I will admit that I find that situation very surprising. Given the position of the WHO and the AAP that breastmilk (even donor milk) is the best food for infants (including preemies), I would want to have some very clear medical evidence that formula is the best choice in your daughter's situation. It's one thing if the milk just isn't available even from another source, but it's quite another to act as if it's not a good idea. Here's a link to HMBANA's position paper on feeding donor milk to preemies. I don't want to pressure you, but I do want to make sure that you're getting accurate information.


    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*bfdeal View Post
    I peaked at a whole ounce yesterday at my 3pm session! And have since, slowly gone back down? The heck? It went down to 20 mls for the next few sessions until 3 pm today when it hit 15 mls...and now at 9, it's down to 10 mls. I've kept up with my fenugreek, tea and oatmeal...I even pumped at the bedside more times than usual today. Hoping I'm just fluctuating and not losing the small supply I have. :/
    Fluctuation is certainly normal, and it doesn't have to mean that you're losing your supply. If you are continuing not to see good results, though, I'd really look into changing your equipment, either just your flanges or your whole pump. I didn't do as well with a Lactina as I did with other pumps. It's a pain and not cheap, for sure, but it might help.

    I'm sorry you're having a difficult time with the whole feeding issue, and whatever ends up happening, the important thing is that you have a healthy baby girl.
    I breast milk fed my Blossom for fifteen months (after exclusively pumping for thirteen). My Bud (nineteen months) is still nursing directly (after a rough start that included a few months of pumping and supplementing with mommy's milk).

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