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Thread: increasing output at work

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    Default increasing output at work

    Forgive me if this has been posted a lot, I'm trying to type on my phone and have limited time. I just switched jobs and at my old job I pumped on my way to work and 45 mins on my lunch break, usually two let downs. Now I only have about 20 mins on my lunch and I'm finding that I'm not getting as much and my body is not adjusting to the schedule. Sometimes he nurses before work and I don't get as much when I'm pumping on the way(obviously), so I was thinking that during these days I will skip pumping on the way and see I get more at lunch? I'm not really sure what to do. He's eating about 12 ozs while I'm gone about 9 hrs and he's 6 months, I only pump about 9 issue and this has been going on for two weeks. Thanks

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    I don't think that you should skip the session on the way to work. The more milk that you remove, the more milk your body will produce. I would definitely continue the morning session and the lunch session. Is it possible to fit in one more - maybe on the drive home?

    What kind of pump do you have?

    During the 20 minutes on your lunch break, are you able to switch the frequency of the way your pump sucks? I have a let-down button on mine. When the milk stops flowing, I push the let-down button to help stimulate another let down - and keep repeating as long as I can. It also helps a lot if you are doing breast compressions while you're pumping.
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    agree with PP. don't skip a pumping. the more times during the day you stimulate your supply the more milk you will produce.
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    Default Re: increasing output at work

    Yep. Don't skip a pumping. From what I've read it is the frequency not the duration of pumping that will help your milk supply. It is better to only pump for a shorter amount of time than to skip it altogether. Good luck!

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