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Thread: Medela PISA..Ugh

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    Well, this is an old thread, but just want to let everyone know that I'm back!!! LOL! Baby #2 (a boy named Jude) arrived on July 5th and was a quick latcher. I feel like we're doing everything right this time around. Last time we breastfed on a schedule (every two hours) and supplemented occasionally with formula. This time, we're feeding him on demand and exclusively breast milk. It's pretty exhausting. This kid wants to eat every 20 minutes!

    Milk production is good but I suspect some oversupply when he feeds on my left breast since he will often throw up (through the nose and mouth) immediately after feeding off that breast. It doesn't happen with the right side. I'm trying to resolve that by expressing some of the milk by hand before feeding him and then holding him at an a 30 degree angle when feeding and leaning back so he's above the nipple. His stools are plentiful and he seems to be gaining. They are so far mustardy with a few dots of green just this morning. So far no vomiting today, so I'll keep on top of it and see if all seems okay over the next few days.

    Happy to be back and visiting with all of you again!

    ~ Kelly

    ~ Kelly

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    Congratulations and welcome baby Jude!

    Sounds like you have some overactive letdown on at least one side. Probably not official "oversupply" unless you also have green stools, painful engorgement, etc. I'm in the same boat - my left side is leaky and also really squirty, and baby girl spits up more after eating on that side. But she's happy, so I'm not really worrying about it or doing anything differently, honestly. With Joe I had really terrible oversupply, but with this girl, things seem just about right (I have plentiful supply and OALD, but no engorgement except when Maggie goes longer than her usual three hours between feeds).

    The second child is so much easier, huh?

    You can call me JoMo!

    Mom to baby boy Joe, born 5/4/09 and breastfed for more than two and a half years, and baby girl Maggie, born 7/9/12.

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    ~ Kelly

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