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Thread: When do I introduce a bottle?

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    Default When do I introduce a bottle?

    I EBF & will have to return to work Aug 29th. I work in a different town then where my ds will be. When should I introduce a bottle? Background info: DS is 6 weeks old today and has reflux. He nurses great but I have OALD that we've been battling. He refuses to take a pacifier also.
    We did try a breastflow bottle a few weeks back (just one time) and he refused to take it.


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    Default Re: When do I introduce a bottle?

    hey! Your situation sounds a lot like mine. My LO won't take a pacifier either and I was so nervous that she wouldn't take the bottle before I return to work on 8/22. She is 9 weeks and I started trying to introduce the bottle late last week. Until today she refused to take the bottle every time. i tried so many nipples, until I got to the Green Sprouts nipple on the Dr. Browns bottle that worked well for her. Hubby was able to feed her twice tonight 2 oz the first time and 3 oz the 2nd time.

    Today was the first time I tried to give her to bottle during the day and by the time hubby got home from work, I think she was worn down and accepted it from him. During the day, I'd BF only a little bit (to take the edge off), then give her the bottle, which pissed her off, but I'd say today was a success!

    I plan to let hubby feed her after work every day until I start work, then when I come home from work I'll BF since she'll be taking the bottle all day.

    Good luck w/ the bottle feeding and returning to work ~ I'm nervous as heck!
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    Default Re: When do I introduce a bottle?

    I wouldn't worry about the bottle too much right now. The WAB recommends introducing the bottle about 2 weeks before you go back to work. It is also recommended that someone other then mom give the bottle.
    If it really doesn't work, you can give breast milk from a cup or spoon. A baby is never too young for this. It can even help prevent artifical nipple preference.
    It can't hurt to try right?
    I can imagine its very stressful but try not to worry. Your lo will not starve. However if you stress too much your supply can be affected!
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