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    this is my first child and i got a whole bunch of formula but since i was so into wanting to breast feed i gave it all away...my daughter is 10days old and in the hospital she was eating for about and hour and and sleeping for about 2 to 4hours at a time well now she eats about 10 to 20mins and sleeps about 2 to 4hours in between feedings...but even after she is done eating i still feel like my breasts are very full...i have a breast pump for when i go back to work...do i pump to get the milk out or should i just let my breast feeling full and uncomfortable until the next feeding? i feel like my body has over produced milk because she went from eating an hour to 20mins at the most now! so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Congratulations on your new baby! And good for you for being so dedicated to nursing your little one.

    It's totally normal for your body to produce too much to begin with, then over the next few weeks it will regulate so it produces just enough. It's not a good idea to pump the extra because that sends your body the signal to produce more milk. If it is painful you can try to hand express or pump just enough to relieve the discomfort. Or if you want to start saving up milk for when you go back to work you could pick one time a day and pump then so you can get started on a stash of milk.
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    with the PP. Just wanted to add that at just 10 days old, if you are ever questioning your milk supply you can start counting diapers. Good diaper output = good milk input.

    And good for you for giving away the formula!!! The formula companies only give you those freebies because they know that many women begin to doubt themselves and when they do they'll reach for the free can. And the next can, and the next, and the next, which won't be free, will probably be the same brand. Don't have it in the house and you're very unlikely to need it.

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    Don't start worrying yet. At that age it's very normal for your breasts to feel full, your body over produces milk at the beginning and then regulates based on what your baby removes. Feed your baby often, 8-12 times a day. If you feel really full between feedings pumping will only send a message to your body that you need more milk and will produce even more. Making breastmilk is a supply/demand issue. The more demand the more supply. You will know if your LO is getting enough by the wet and dirty diapers each day. At 10 days your LO should have 6 wets and 1-3 or more poops. It is also normal for your LO to want feed for shorter times, because they fall asleep so easily. So if your LO is gaining her birthweight back well, and has lots of wet and dirty diapers do not worry and step away from the formula. Good luck Mama!

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    Thanks thats a lot of help! yes i am staying away from the formula no need for it im producing enough milk i leak 24/7...but i have another question she hasnt went poop since she was 3days old i heard this is normal when breastfeeding she is uncomfortable or anything and she is passing lots of gas...is it normal for breastfeed babies to not go poop as often? she has about 6 to 9 wet diapers in 24hrs so i know she is getting milk!

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    It is normal for Breastfed babies to poop less at about 6 weeks but she is too young not to be going. I agree with pp, def needs to be talked with to a Dr.

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