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Thread: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but....

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    Default Don't want to stop BF/pumping but....

    Hi ladies

    I have a 10 mo old DD that I have been EBF. I work 2x a week. Lately, I have not been able to get anything out of my pumping sessions. It has been so frustrating.
    I DO NOT want to supplement with formula and I don't want to do cow's milk either. and I definitely want to keep BF her for as long as she wants (my DS went for almost 3 years). I know I still have milk as it leaks out when she nurses from being too full! Do I need a new pump maybe??

    I have tried the Fenugreek pills, the teas....even the occasional high fat milkshake.

    If I am unable to pump anymore, but I can still BF - do you have any suggestions as to what to give her on those 2 days? Just water?


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    Default Re: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but...

    How long are you away and how much does she need while you are away? Have you tried pumping on your days off?

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    Default Re: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but...

    What kind of pump do you have? If you have been using it for months and months I'm willing to bet it could use a tune up...

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    Default Re: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but...

    I agree, get your pump checked out. You also could try different size horns and see if a better fit would yield more milk. Have to tried hand expressing or just expressing some to get going before using the pump?
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    Default Re: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but...

    I was wondering the same thing about my pump, where would you get a pump checked out? I emailed Medela customer service about this and they said they don't help with these matters. Just wondering.

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    Default Re: Don't want to stop BF/pumping but...

    with PP. You may need to check your pump, membranes, breastshields size, etc. I started going thru a spell last week where I just couldn't pump enough. I changed the membranes on my pump and suddenly I'm getting a lot more. And when I changed to the right size breastshields I got a big bump too.

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