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Thread: Wake to offer second breast at night?

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    Default Wake to offer second breast at night?

    Question: Should I wake LO if he falls asleep at the first breast at night or just put him down and go back to sleep until he wakes again?

    Sometimes he will pull off and fall asleep - most times his diaper needs changing by then so I will wake him that way (I need a light to change him and he usually wakes up) I usually change and burp him between breasts in the day time because he likes to fall asleep and if I don't keep him awake for a full feeding he will nip and nap and be VERY cranky (cries for the breast constantly even when he shows no hunger signs) the entire day.

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    I usually switch sides and let DS "sleep suck." He removes the milk and then I feel like he's more full and will sleep for a longer stretch. I think you can play it by ear and try it both ways though.
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    Default Re: Wake to offer second breast at night

    I think it was up until 3 months, I would nurse on one side, change diaper / burp, then nurse on the other. After that, I let them sleep as they needed / changed diapers only has needed.
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