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Thread: How to pump to cover 1 feed?

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    My baby is 10 weeks and i experimented with expressing yesterday as I'd like to be able to let dad do a feed or 2 a week to allow me to go out without her. I pumped 80ml and wondered how much will I need to pump to cover one feed?

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    well my 7 week old is taking 4 ounces..and eats every 2.5- 3 hours....

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    Most babies will eat 1-1.5 oz for every hour they are separated from mom. Keep in mind, though, that if you nurse just before you leave, you may not need to give a bottle unless you are going to be gone longer than 2-3 hours. Your baby may nurse more often than that, but if mama's not there, she may do just fine wih some cuddles and a paci. So if we're talking about a manicure, I wouldn't worry about it. If we're talking about a marathon shopping session, 80ml may be perfectly fine; to be safe, you could try to leave more like 120.

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    Thanks ladies. Really helpful

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