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Thread: I need to get my supply back!

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    Default I need to get my supply back!

    Since I am going back to work in two months, I decided to wean my 10-month old daughter from the breast and start introducing the bottle on a regular basis (to get her ready for daycare).

    Since I started doing this, I found myself in constant ''oversupply'' and thought maybe I should let go of the domperidone and start taking fenugreek and blessed thistle (I had breast reduction surgery a few years ago therefore foregoing supplements completely is not an option). I did stop taking domperidone just a few days ago but even while taking natural supplements, my supply is basically, well, gone!! I am so disappointed!

    I want to continue to breastfeed and fully intend on pumping at the office when I go back to work. So, I started taking the dom again this morning and I'm pumping on a regular basis.

    Do you think this 'mishap' will affect my supply? Or should it come back to normal?? (I'm keeping my fingers crossed really hard for this one!!)
    Breastfeeding was a huge challenge for a few reasons:

    - I have very flat nipples, and
    - Baby did not have a good latch, and
    - I had breast reduction surgery 6 years ago.

    Nursing at the breast just wasn't working but I really want to give her everything I had therefore am pumping exclusively. Today, I am succesfully nursing at the breast full-time!

    I hope I can meet other mothers who are in the same situation as I am and possibly support some as well.

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    Default Re: I need to get my supply back!

    Whether or not this mishap will affect your supply depends on 2 things:
    1. Your ability to do the work necessary to get your supply back , either through pumping or nursing
    2. Your body's responsiveness

    I know weaning your baby from the breast probably seems like a good idea given that you are going back to work, but I encourage you consider un-weaning her. A nursing baby generally maintains/increases supply better than a pump can, and once she is a year, you could pump wean if you want and just continue to nurse for the health and mothering benefits. if there's a lot of milk, great! If not, no biggy- it's still beneficial.

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