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Thread: Birth Control and milk production

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    Doc put me on Loestrin 21... I need it for my cycle, I have been bleeding about two months. He claims it will not reduce my milk. Any experiences??? Thanks!!

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    Any BC with estrogen in it can impact your supply. And the hormones do get into your milk and could expose your LO. Whether or not either or both will be a problem for YOU...it depends. Some women don't have much of a problem, while others totally lose their milk very quickly.
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    with the PP. Has your doc explored all the various options for explaining the bleeding? Fibroids and endometriosis spring immediately to mind...

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    If your dr thinks you need an estrogen based bc, then this is possibly one of the best options because of the low dose of estrogen. Another low dose bc is NuvaRing (which I LOVED be DD), but I don't know how soon you can use it after delivery. Ask your doctor if a progesteron bc is possible. If it is, then Yaz may be a better option.

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    Right, listen to your baby and your body and then your doctor's knowledge afterward. I started the bfing-friendly bcp last year and by the second day my DD was cueing for feeds more often and had less nappy output. I knew my lactaction was reduced due to hormones, and double-checked on this forum to confirm. I stopped the pill the third day and by the fourth DD was back to her usual rhythm.
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