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Thread: Biting.

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    My son bit twice around that age. I pulled him in and firmly said "no, bite". It was enough for him to break his latch. After his latch was broken I put him down for a couple minutes and then tried again if he showed he was still hungry. My daughter has just started biting while teething here at 7 months and I have done the same with her. So far it has helped with her clamping down and I'm hopeful it will be established that biting isn't tolerated before her teeth appear.

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    Thanks you guys! You are AWESOME! I started taking him off when he stops eating and starts using me as a paci and he hasnt bitten since. I just replace the breast with the paci

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    Hey everyone,

    My DD is almost 10 months old and for the past two weeks or so it's been pretty crazy. She has two rows of good teeth. I've always breastfed her to sleep because she rarely falls asleep any other way... heck, sometimes the only way to get her to sleep is to breastfeed her while standing, dancing and singing her favorite lullaby!

    So anyway, lately at night she will nurse as usual and then all of a sudden she will bite down really hard! I tell her 'no' and put her on the bed, but all she does is squeal really loudly and get really excited, even if a moment ago she was almost asleep! I only fell asleep at 6:30 am this morning, as an example, even though we went to bed at 10 pm, just because she gets this weird rush of energy when she bites me and I take her off the breast! Sometimes she gets really mad at me. Telling her 'no' isn't having much effect.

    This sort of thing happens once every two nights now, kind of like the second night she is too tired to do the biting thing because the night before she didn't sleep that much at night! It's really frustrating and I find I have less and less energy and patience to deal with it.

    I've tried the chew toy in the off-hand approach but she just throws it away when she nurses. Oh, and I tend to wait quite a while before offering her the breast after she bites me, because if I don't, she will approach as if to nurse, and BITE with a big smile on her face!! Gah!

    And then she acts like I unfairly take away the breast!!!
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