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Thread: Responding too well to Dom & supps?

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    Default Responding too well to Dom & supps?

    This past week I was prescribed Domperidone and advised to try taking fenugreek and blessed thistle due to prolonged nipple shield use (we finally stopped using it this week) causing a diminished milk supply, but also to make the bare breast more attractive to my shield addicted LO by producing more milk and faster satisfaction at the breast.

    My problem now is, that I think I'm responding to the drugs and supplements too well. The first morning after taking fenugreek and blessed thistle I leaked all over my LO and had to change her clothes. The last couple days I've been so engorged and she can't seem to empty my breasts at her feedings. Last night I was up in the night to pump just to relieve the pain (baby girly is sleeping through the night and I didn't want to wake her to feed), and pumped just over 100ml in less than 5 minutes.

    I'm wondering if I should stop using the Domperidone. It's done what it was supposed to do.

    My next appt is on August 8, I don't think I want to wait until then to stop using the Dom, especially with how uncomfortable I've been. I even wonder if I needed it in the first place.


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    Default Re: Responding too well to Dom & supps?

    i would go with your feeling on this. are there any side effects to stopping?

    when i first went back to work i was struggling to make enough for my lo and i considered taking fenugreek. another mama suggested i just allow my body to get used to pumping and she was right. your body make respond to the increased nipple stimulation quickly and you may not need the meds at all.

    how is the baby nursing without the shield? (maybe you cannot quiet tell yet though with the oversupply)

    I personally would stop taking the meds.

    if you need to increase milk maybe justr add in some pumping sessions for stimulation and see how that works. it may be enough and you can control that more than meds.

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    Default Re: Responding too well to Dom & supps?

    So you're taking domperidone and fenugreek and blessed thistle? If you're comfortable that your milk supply is adequate (and it sounds like you're uncomfortable because it's more than adequate!), you could certainly consider decreasing one or more of them and see what kind of effect it has. Maybe reduce the dose of one at a time so if there were any negative effects it would be easier to tell which one was involved.

    Just curious, what led to the diagnosis of diminished milk supply? Has your baby had any trouble gaining weight?

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    Default Re: Responding too well to Dom & supps?

    Thanks for the responses.

    I think I may cut out the domperidone since it's the drug, and stick with the more natural approach using the fenugreek and blessed thistle. Then see what the doctor and LC think at my next appointment.

    Karen, the doc and LC at the breastfeeding clinic advised that I take the domperidone with the fenugreek and blessed thistle. Mainly because the herbs work within 24-48 hours and the domperidone can take a week or longer to kick in, so they wanted my supply to build quickly to assist with weaning from the nipple shield.

    They thought my supply was diminishing because of the nipple shield use and also my LO was getting frustrated during feedings, possibly indicating that there wasn't enough flow to satisfy her. She was also sucking her hands and doing lots of tongue actions between feedings which I initially interpreted as developmental discovery of hands and tongue, but the LC said it could be because she's still hungry after a feeding (not to say that it isn't partially her discovering her body parts).

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