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Thread: Sleeping all day?

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    Default Sleeping all day?

    Hello! I'm a new BF mom (I EP my first son). My question is this: my son has been sleeping almost all day! He is almost 7 wks old and BF has been awesome so far. He slept last night from 9:30-6am which is longer than ever before. He has literally been sleeping most of the day. I think total he has been "awake" for only like an hour today. He has eaten off and on but is truly sleeping the day away. I'm afraid he will be up all night if he sleeps any more. I don't remember my son doing this.

    I took s benadril last night before bed because my allergies are going crazy, could that be what is doing it??

    Diapers are fine and no issues at all with him otherwise
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    As long as his diaper output is okay and he isn't sick, I think he's probably okay. However, extreme sleepiness would worry me if it continued more than a day or so.

    I don't know if you can blame the Benadryl for the sleepiness, but I'd forgo it tonight if possible!

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