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Thread: Spitting up and gagging only at night

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    Default Spitting up and gagging only at night

    Hi ladies,
    My 11 week old LO almost never spits up during the day. Night is a different story. She is a fantastic sleeper. She only gets up once at night to nurse and is gaining weight well within normal limits. The problem is that after she nurses at night and I'm burping her, she makes this crazy gagging sound and throws up a ton of milk. Anyone have this happen? What can I do? I literally cover myself and everything around us with blankets so she doesn't mess up my bed! Help!


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    Default Re: Spitting up and gagging only at nigh

    Could it be the position you are feeding? I know I use a different position at night than during the day.
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    Default Re: Spitting up and gagging only at nigh

    You might want to try feeding her in a position where you are more reclined. A lot of moms have more abundant milk at night, particularly when their babies start going longer at night between feedings. If you are flooding your baby with milk, that could cause the gagging and spitting up- so using a position that takes advantage of gravity to slow milk flow could be beneficial. You also might want to try burping her in between breasts, or even partway through a single breast.

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