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Thread: How long to clear a clogged duct?

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    Default How long to clear a clogged duct?

    Ok ladies...I need your help again. How long does it usually take to clear a clogged duct due to mastitis? I'm going on two and a half days and I don't feel like the clog is going away. I have been applying heat and massaging as well as nursing first on that side every two hours or so...any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    I had fairly good luck with applying heat and then latching my son on in such a manner that his chin was toward the plug. The extra massaging of him nursing directly over it seemed to help a lot.

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    Default Re: How long to clear a clogged duct?

    I have had one for that long too, with the pp, also I tried very hot showers and would massage/hand express during the shower, and then have LO nurse immediately after.
    I kept feeling for the clog before/after every feeding. once it was gone, i could no longer feel the clog with my fingers, but it still felt painful--bruising type pain in the same area. So I guess I'm saying you might still feel the pain after the clog is gone, just keep checking to see if its actually still there before you stop the heat/massage. oh, and take some ibueprofen to help with the pain/inflammation
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