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Thread: domperidone and herbs

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    I posted a while ago about problems I was having with nursing my son. He's now 4 months old and we've been dealing with bad latch and low supply since day 1. I finally decided to try domperidone after trying many herbs without much success, my midwife subscribed them for me. She says to take 1 pill 3x daily for a week, 2 pills 3x daily for a week and then 3 pills 3x daily for a week. does anyone know if I'll need to keep taking them after that or will that be enough? she didn't really provide any further instruction.
    my other question is about the herbs i'm still taking. I'm currently taking fenugreek 3 pills 3x daily, blessed thistle 3 pills 3x daily and alfalfa 3 pills 3x daily. I'm not sure that any of these are really all that effective for me. should i stop taking the herbs or are they fine to take with the domperidone?

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    Whether or not you continue to need the Domperidone depends on whether or not your baby is nursing well enough to maintain your boosted supply once you stop the drug. As long as he's transferring enough milk, you should be fine. But if he has trouble transferring milk due to his poor latch, you may need to either continue taking the Domperidone or pump in addition to nursing.

    You can safely combine herbs and Domperidone for as long as you want.

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    Thanks. He's doing much better with his latch. Right now we're supplementing with bottles before each feeding and I'm pumping after each feeding, but I'm hoping to wean off the supplements once my supply gets better. So hopefully after that I'll be able to stop the domperidone.

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    One thought... Have you considered giving the bottle after nursing instead of before? I'm just thinking that if he gets a bottle first, he's going to be less hungry when he's nursing and take less milk from the breast, then you have to pump more to stimulate the breast to produce more, then give the milk to him in the bottle, then he's not as hungry... etc... Kind of a cycle.

    If he's doing better latching now, he might be more effective at stimulating your supply than the pump is. Perhaps you could try nursing first, then pumping to make sure your breasts are as well-drained as possible, then later nurse again, and if he's still hungry after that, you could give him the bottle at that point. But it would make it so he's at the breast when he's at his hungriest and most ready to put in the effort. Does that make sense?

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    when we started supplementing I was giving the bottle after nursing, but I read an article about finishing at the breast and it made a lot of sense to me. http://www.lowmilksupply.org/finishatthebreast.shtml
    Once my supply starts getting better, I plan to start reducing the amount in his bottles gradually until he's not getting any bottles at all.

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