Hi. I'm new here. I have an almost 5 week old little boy who was 3 1/2 weeks early. He had some trouble gaining weight initially (born at 6lb 8 oz, left the hospital at 6 lbs). He didn't reach birth weight until 2 weeks, 3 days so I had to nurse every 2 hours during day and every 3 hours at night while pumping to increase supply. This worked well, until I decided to cut back to nursing every 3 hours during the day when I developed mastitis and was put on Keflex. During this time, his jaundice seemed to be getting worse and he was becoming harder to wake for and during feedings. He had only gained 2 oz in 2 weeks!!! My ped wanted me to stop breastfeeding and start formula feeding, but I didn't want to give up so quickly. I saw an LC who advised supplemental nursing system with a tube while nursing, pumping 3x/day, and offer bottle if tube system wasn't working.
This seems to be working well as he has gained about an oz/day since then and his bilirubin is coming down (was 16, now 10).
My issues are is that I have trouble pumping, not getting let-downs with the pump, and I feel like my supply has diminished since all of this started. I am taking Fenugreek 3 tabs 3x/day.
Is there anything else you can recommend to increase my supply more? And how long would you think that I have to do the tube feeds while nursing?
Thanks in advance!!