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Thread: Coincidence or is barley to blame?

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    Default Coincidence or is barley to blame?

    For the past two days, I've been drinking barley water in an effort to increase milk production. (My doctor expressed concern about my daughter's weight gain at her 3-month check-up. Moms here helped me see that there's no real cause for alarm, but I thought drinking barley water couldn't hurt.)

    Well, ever since I've started drinking the barley water, there's been a dramatic change in my daughter's sleep. Whereas she was sleeping 8 to 11 hours straight at night, she's now down to 5 or 6 hours and sucking like mad when she wakes up. I *think* her diapers are the same (possibly more than before). She's also spending more time at the breast, but that could be because I put her on both breasts now instead of one (when she first came home from the hospital, she always refused the second breast so I stopped offering it. Oops). After nursing, she does seem satisfied, but even during the day, she seems to need to nurse much sooner than before.

    I read on here that there's a growth spurt at 3 months. So, can I assume this is a coincidence and the increased waking and needing to nurse is due to a growth spurt, or is it possible that drinking barley water could have decreased my milk supply instead of increasing it?

    In case it's helpful, my daughter is 3 months 11 days (14-1/2 weeks), and her weight as of four days ago was 10 lbs 12 ozs.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I hope some day I'm knowledgeable enough to start answering questions instead of only asking them.

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    Default Re: Coincidence or is barley to blame?

    I wouldn't blame the barley water, but you could always do a little experiment, cut it out of your diet, and see what happens.

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    Default Re: Coincidence or is barley to blame?

    I agree with mommal; my little guy (9 m/o now) went through a wicked growth spurt around that age and was chug-a-lugging like there was no end in sight.
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    Default Re: Coincidence or is barley to blame?

    Thank you!

    I did think of trying a day or two without the barley water, but then I worried that if it is a growth spurt, I'd be in an even worse situation if I ended up with less milk. I'm over-thinking this, I'm sure. And, actually, I just realized that the other change in my diet (at exactly the same time) were homemade chocolate chip cookies with lots of dark chocolate chips = caffeine. I'll try cutting those out first. And, then see what happens.

    If today is any indication, I'm guessing it's a growth spurt. I think if she had her choice she'd nurse from nap to nap.

    Thank you again!
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