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Thread: 3 months and 2 weeks and fussy while nursing

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    Default 3 months and 2 weeks and fussy while nursing

    So...I've bf my babygirl from day 1. However, starting about 3 days ago, she has become extremely fussy during some of her feedings. I had her latch on and I pumped a bottle and got 4 oz. So I know she is getting plenty. She did this when she was about a week old too and the LC and I determined it was just her way of being impatient b/c the milk wasn't coming in fast enough. I think this is the problem again b/c as soon as the milk comes in she latches right on and drinks away. My question is, could it be something else? She is an amazing baby...never fusses about anything, EXCEPT when in comes to nursing these last few days. And it's not every feeding just a few. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Default Re: 3 months and 2 weeks and fussy while nursing

    As long as it's not happening every feeding, I'd just chalk it up to normal baby weirdness.. Maybe teething, maybe her way of expressing her displeasure that the flow is too slow, or too fast...

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    Default Re: 3 months and 2 weeks and fussy while

    Sometimes I go through a couple days where I'm in a cranky mood, not all the time, but just feel snappish and impatient. Overall I still think of myself as a good and decent person so to agree with Mommal, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's not every feeding, and you already know your baby's personality which is a sweet-natured one. I'd try babywearing to help LO feel overall more soothed. Could be she's not not had enough deep sleep lately, she's been up watching the stars turn in the sky, and has a wee headache or crankiness as a result. You just never know, and basically you can't know. She'll get back to her usual rhythm.

    But if your motherly instinct persists and you really think there is something more to it, you know your baby, and give a call to the pedi.

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