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Thread: What's going on??

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    Default What's going on??

    My dd is 6 mons today!! YEAH

    Here is the new problem that I'm dealing with:
    Yesterday dd started screaming at the top of her lungs whenever I would put her to the breast to eat. She would suck a few times, then pop off screaming. I tried changing positons, breasts, even burping then trying to put her on again. The only thing that seemed to calm her down was when she went to her dad and he gave her a bottle of EBM or juice.
    Has anyone every dealt with this and what causes it? I feel very upset about this that I'm an inadaquite sp? mommy and that I can't even help my daughter. (Also, she got her 6 mon shots today and her two bottom teeth are coming in. )

    Thanks mommies

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    Default Re: What's going on??

    Teething can be a lot of it and the shots also. Try before latching her on to rub her bottom gums firmly (not enough to hurt her, but enough to get some good pressure) and then attempt to latch on (that got us over a nursing strike with top teeth coming in). She could still have some discomfort from the shots that could also be causing it.

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