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Thread: When can I expect to stop leaking?

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    Default Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?

    I stopped wearing breast pads when my son was around 15 months, but I think I'm the exception....it may be a lot sooner for you!
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    Default Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?

    I wear pads all day every day, and my nursing bra is like a sports bra, so it goes under my breast when I move it - pad too. Then, I can just scoop the bra/pad back up. I only leak these days if I'm away from baby and thinking about him or from the opposite breast when my let-down happens while nursing (well, and if he happens to sleep a little longer than my body was expecting).

    I honestly can't remember when I stopped wearing the nursing pads with my daughter!
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    Default Re: When can I expect to stop leaking?


    You're welcome
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jeno View Post

    You're welcome
    Oh gosh, I forgot about those, but they are AWESOME.

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    I leak whenever one side has a let-down so I typically wear pads all the time. I used to buy the disposable kind and I found them to be less discreat than the washable ones I have now. I would recommend the day time bamboobies. They're thin and absorbant and easy to push out of the way. If they do happen to be exposed, they're a cute heart shape and come in different colors. My DS is almost 14 months and the leaking has gotten better, but since he still night nurses, I have to wear them because I hate waking up with a wet spots.
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