Hi everyone - need some mom help. First some quick background:

* baby is 10 week old, only breastmilk, a bottle every now and again (not daily), uses a pacifier to fall asleep sometimes, eats A LOT, is 16 lbs (see??) and is generally happy

* he is apparently not latching well because he does a variety of things: clicking, sputtering, pulling off, choking, sucking LOTS of air

* I have done all the different positions except the football hold b/c that one is ridiculously uncomfortable and awkward for me. I have done side lying, the boppy with crosshold, the regular crosshold, the reclining position.

* I have a pretty awesome let down and spray him in the face at times. I'm thinking he deals with this by only taking the tip of the nipple so he's not choked?

* At night, he nurses pretty well - only occasionally will my let down get him in that choked situation. He'll wake up, we do the crosshold, and he eats and falls right back to sleep.

* He only takes one side at a time most of the time.

So my question is, how do I help him latch on better? I've tried the nipple sandwich, too. Is it too late to reteach him?