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Thread: HELP before they crack and bleed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*codepink View Post
    This is a link for advice on flat/inverted nipples.
    I personally used a shield for the first 3 months. Medela makes some really thin ones.

    Also check out this link about posistioning. Laid back nursing saved my breastfeeding relationship.
    I switched from the side-lying position to the cross-cradle last night after watching some videos from Dr. Jack Newman. It made things easier. It also helped to have her swaddled. She was more calm and her hands weren't in the way. I'm definitely going to try the laid back position, that will be extremely helpful while I heal from my sutures. I don't really have flat or inverted nipples, they're just not "out there" I thought I did, but my midwife said they are neither flat nor inverted. She's been a whole lot of help too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommal View Post
    I think they choose women with extra-long nipples for the videos! Are yours generally flat to the skin? And how do they look when your baby unlatches?
    Yea, no wonder they make it look so easy. Those videos made me feel as if my body was ill prepared for the job. Glad to know it will only get better and it already has. The first couple of days, one nipple was beginning to look like a new lipstick. I knew the latch was really wrong, especially because my nipples hurt from beginning to end of feeding and in between feedings. We're doing much better now. Trying new positions, making sure lips are flanged during feedings. My husband has been very supportive and it's been helping us learn faster and get better at it! My nipples are no longer sore!!!!!!

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    July 30, 2010-6lbs 2oz- 41w 4d (emergency c-section.) Known dairy, eggs, dogs and cats allergies, eczema, and asthma
    Bonus June 22, 2006 (is 50/50 Custody ) (born 32w) Sensitive to changing temps.
    We BF, BW, Co-sleep and use cloth diapers/pull-ups!

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