I’m breastfeeding my third baby – DS breastfed for 14 months, and ODD, for 18 months, so I’m not new at this. I was working full-time and pumping when ODD was nursing and am doing the same with YDD – I am able to work from home and nurse 2-3 days a week this time around, but that still leaves 2-3 days a week when I am gone for about 10 hours. She’s home with daddy when I’m in the office. I’m the only breadwinner in the family so cutting back hours isn’t possible, and work is over an hour drive from home, so I can’t come home on breaks/lunch to nurse.

YDD has never been jazzed about pumped milk in a bottle and started taking less and less milk from a bottle when she started solids about a month ago. 2-3 weeks ago she started refusing bottles entirely, leaving her drinking nothing all day until I get home to nurse her. Tried different nipples, sippy cups, regular cups, spoon-feeding milk, water, juice… nada. She’ll take some baby food in the morning but gradually gets so worked up during the day (likely because she won’t drink) that she won’t eat or nap – she just screams and wails until I get home, even if that’s hours.

The pediatrician says it’s just a phase, not to worry, just keep trying different things and she’ll cave eventually. I’m out of things to try – I had to take the afternoon off sick and go home to nurse her because she had been screaming for hours.

Any ideas? The ped says it’s a “control issue” but I really want to know there’s nothing medical that could be going on. Anyone else had a baby do this? I’d love for her to take pumped milk again – the ped is suggesting all sorts of juices and even Jello to get liquids in her, but I don’t want to go there with a 7 month-old if I don’t have to. DS and ODD had minor “bottle rebellions” at this age, but they were nothing like this – I’m at a loss!