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    My nurses gave me the evil eye when I reminded them I didnt tear in the hospital(they kept trying to give me strong painkillers dont like drugs and was in no pain after birth with all three), lol I had 3 kids without a tear too. sister in laws hate me. but my 2nd child's head was 90th percentile when she was born and it returned, and so did the 1st child with a 80th. Haven't really got back in the sac since my 3rd. between potty training my oldest(3), 2 sets of diapers and BFing I dont even think about it lol. But it goes back. btw My 3rd child's head was 25th, that was easy after first two.

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    OMG, I didn't want to do anything for months after my first. And three weeks is so early! I don't think my "stuff" was back in the right place at all by three weeks. My midwife always has strict instructions to not even *look* down there until 6 weeks, she says it'll just freak you out and you shouldn't be messing around down there anyways, it needs to heal.

    My second is coming up on four months now and I'm finally starting to feel my sex drive come back. Too bad DH is so busy at work, he passes out half the time before I even have a chance to proposition him. You can't win. Honestly, with my first, I felt a lot of pressure and it made it worse. DH tried to be nice about it, but I knew how he felt and it kind of killed the romance. This time around he is less anxious about when I'm going to be back, and it has been a lot different, I felt like I wanted to do it earlier because I knew he was ok with whatever I wanted.
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