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Thread: 8 week old and losing my mind w. breast feeding

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*richmama View Post
    My son is 9 weeks, and we've had this trouble too. What I've discovered is that it's generally because he has a "bubble" in his tummy but he still wants to suck. So, I give him a pacifier. It's not interfering with his ability to breastfeed, and it gives him the sucking he needs.

    Have you tried a pacifier at all in those moments? Or is that something you don't wish to do? (I know some people are against the pacifier.) He wouldn't take one until around 6 or 7 weeks, and now we ONLY use it to help him settle at bed time. Just a thought!

    Good luck, though. My back is killing me from walking around to heft my very very big boy! (almost 16 pounds!!)

    Wow 16bs all from breastmilk? I have tried and tried and tried and still try the pacifier and she will not take it. She will only take it sporadically and even then its only for 5-10 minutes and then she doesnt want it anymore.
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    Yeah - all breastmilk. He was 9lbs10 oz when he was born, though. I grow 'em big.

    Have you tried a different type of pacifier? I'm not trying to force it, but little man would only take a Nuk to start (now, he'll take whatever we offer). The reason I thought of pacifier for you was when your husband gave her the bottle and she fell right to sleep.
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