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Thread: Plugged Duct and Breast Pain

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    Default Plugged Duct and Breast Pain

    I have two different issues that hit my breasts at basically the same time! On the right I have been having blanching of the nipple and shooting pains in my breast. The nipple is looking a little raw with a bit of skin coming off, so I believe its a bad latch but wanted to rule out thrush. DS doesn't have any white patches in his mouth, my nips aren't itchy, but I really can't see why he would suddenly be latching badly. I have been looking for signs but he always has his lips out and it doesn't really hurt while he is eating... It started hurting yesterday morning after he ate in the early morning when my breast was really full after a long stretch of sleep.

    On the left I am pretty sure its a plugged duct. There is a big hard lump that is tender to the touch. I have been applying heat and massaging while I nurse him to try and get it unclogged but it persists. It showed up yesterday. Is there anything more I can do to get it gone??

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    Don't know about the first issue, how old is DS? sometimes teething messes up a latch that was previously working..

    for your plugged duct, have you been nursing on that side first every time you nurse (of course without ignoring the other breast)? Keep at the heat and massage. Take IBueprofen (motrin) to help with pain and inflammation. On days I really wanted it gone I would take hot showers and massage/hand express in the shower trying to get it out and then nurse right after that hoping she would suck it out. The longest I've had one is 2 days straight but there was residual bruising pain for a week after. If you get fever/flu symptoms you might have mastitis and want to get to your dr. Check this site:
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