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Thread: Nipple Shield Weaning Advice

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    My daughter is 6 weeks old today. We had been having latching problems since the first days after birth. She was not tounge tied, it just seemed that she didn't get enough of my breast in her mouth. We would have a few good latches mixed in with poor ones and my nipples got cracked and very sore...to the point of crying and dreading breastfeeding.

    I worked with a lactation consultant, but my nipples were not healing. So finally the consultant gave me a nipple shield to wear while nursing so that I could heal.

    Now I am healed. Baby girl is getting plenty of milk with the shield, I can tell because she is obviously gaining weight, and her poops and pees are in the "appropriate" amounts.

    I would like to nurse without the shield, but am nervous about weaning off of it. I worry that the same latch problems will occur again, as my baby seems to get frustrated pretty quickly if she doesn't get on the breast fast enough, which can make getting her mouth open enough fast enough pretty challenging.

    If anyone has any experience and advice with this, I would greatly appreciate it. We are nursing fine with the shield, but I would really like to be able to nurse without one.

    Thank you so much!

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    I used shields with both kiddos and my tactic was to do it when they were dream feeding. Do you co-sleep? What I would do is when they would start to root in their sleep I would make my nip available laying down next to them to find before they were fully awake. They both got the hang of it, #1 around 5 weeks and #2 around 3 weeks. The key is to "practice" about 30 minutes before a normal feeding time, so she's KIND of hungry, but not to the point of frustration if she can't get milk quick enough. If she starts getting frustrated, skip that feeding and try again next time.

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    Hi there,
    we just weaned off the shield and my dd is 7 weeks old. The first thing I did was to just try to get her to latch without the shield. I just tried at random times, sometimes she would latch sometimes she wouldn't. I didn't want her to get too frustrated so I didn't push it. Make sure that LO opens their mouth really wide so that they can latch on good. If there is still pain after the first min then unlatch and latch again. I saw the LC at my ped's office to help with the latching. You can also try starting with the shield and then taking if off after the first initial letdown. I think the biggest thing is to just be patient and not push it, LO will wean off it when they are ready. Good luck!

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