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Thread: Panicking a little

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    My son is 6 months old and exclusively breastfed. Well, in the last week or so we have added a little bit of solids- he loves gnawing on banana or avocado. But he's getting 99% of his nutrition from breastmilk still.

    Anyway, I started PPAF yesterday And I think my supply is down. His diaper count is good still, so I wasn't too worried. Then tonight I had the hardest time getting a letdown and it was so upsetting! It was taking too long and he would pull off crying, which stressed me out. He couldn't go to sleep without nursing so we were doing this for over an hour. I actually had oversupply and overactive letdown for months so I am at a loss!

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    It's normal for your supply to go down with AF (I think that's what you mean by PPAF, right? first period after birth?), but it usually rebounds almost right away. And once your baby is on solids, the dip is so subtle, only you will notice it. No big deal! I had OS too, so I was surprised by the sudden decrease with AF (in my case, blessedly at 16 months) as well. It's noticeable, for sure, although probably not as drastic as it feels to the mom. But it's SHORT term. Just hang in there, it will be better in a day or two. Meanwhile, it's wonderful that your baby is enjoying the solids. Good timing!

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    You can also take a calcium magnesium supplement from around ovulation through the first few days of your period to help combat any decrease in supply. Regardless your supply will rebound . Don't totally stress, it's pretty common.
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