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Thread: Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 month son

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    Default Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 month son

    Hello All, I wrote a post not long ago about my struggles with oversupply and reflux, possible milk allergy.

    Things seemed to get so much better without us changing anything.
    My milk settled down and Taylor was so much happier, loving tummy time although he stilled spat up a fair bit it didnt seem to bother him.

    Then a couple of weeks ago Taylor started getting very restless at night, waking frequently and it wasnt anything he had ever been like. (usually slept 8 hours then 3 or at least 5 hours then three, then three again).

    I decided to stop giving him rice cereal we were trying out and he went back to sleeping much better.

    However he then started getting very grizzly during the day, once i started letting him feed for as long as possible he seemed alot happier so i figured he musnt have been getting enough milk, particularly seeing as he hasnt been demanding a night time feed and has changed his routine drastically and now eating every 4-4 &1/2 hours instead of 3 hourly.

    Taylor slept 11 and a half hours. I couldnt believe it! I figured he must have been getting too much foremilk for his last feed and having difficulty digesting it?

    But then all of a sudden taylor has started waking frequently again and this time it seems to be wind again. We know its cold where we are at the moment but I dress him in a singlet, socks, a long sleeved romper, a polyester sleeping bag with sleeves, two flanelette sheets and a muslin wrap (used as a sheet). Im very aware of SIDS and overheating but even when he has slept in our bed with the doona and sheets and our body warmth, he has seemed just warm enough.

    I am struggling to resettle him without picking him up and its way too cold to give him a bath in the middle of the night. I try massaging him in his cot but he protests, i try pumping his legs, sometimes this works but generally not. Ive tried infacol, etc but they make him very unhappy and i think in pain too (maybe the reflux problems he had?)

    I just dont know and im struggling. I cant figure out why he is soooo gassy and how to settle him. I really wanted to give him an anti-colic bottle but he wont take them, not from me not from my mum or my partner. So i thought about weaning him straight onto a sippy cup but i dont want him to protest that either. I enjoy brreastfeeding him but i am starting to feel very drained. I dont want to giv formula, i never have and i even think that i will continue to use my own milk in his food and as a drink down the track until he is older.

    I worry i am overlooking something here, that he might still be suffering reflux or an allergy but i have been to the dr's heaps of times and they continue to tell me he's fine.

    Anyone experienced anything like this? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 month son

    Possible explanations for the changes you've observed:
    - Teething. At 5.5 months, I am sure your LO's teeth are moving around in his gums, even if they don't seem ready to pop through yet!
    - Development. Babies often wake more when they master a new milestone, and there are a lot of milestones in the first 12 months!
    - Reflux. If your baby has reflux, he may need to have his meds adjusted, since the dosage of medication may change as the baby grows.
    - Allergy. If your baby has a dairy allergy or intolerance, you might need to cut it out of your diet.
    - Growth spurt. During spurts, babies wake more and need to eat more, and may seem very fussy.
    - No reason at all. Sometimes night-waking is just a baby being a baby. It's not something you are doing wrong, it's just a normal part of infancy. It is very typical for a baby who has been sleeping long stretches to suddenly alter his sleep patterns and wake more frequently.

    You said that when your LO wakes you try to get him to settle without picking him up. May I ask why? Nursing is often the fastest way to get a baby back to sleep.

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    Default Re: Gassy baby & weaning...My 5 & 1/2 mo

    mommal thank u so much for your reply, it took me a while to get back on here for some reason i couldnt log in even with my password but its all fixed now! Yep Taylors teeth sure are moving around they keep coming down and disappearing? but ive certainly learnt the difference between his teeth and his belly. we also do notice his worst nights are when he is going through change. As for reflux he's not on any meds, we raised his cot and gave him a dummy which worked wonders but i think it was just my milk causing the symptoms & im also in the process of looking at my diet but as for milk i hve given him rusks and he hasnt had any worse kind of reaction and they contain milk so i dunno does that mean i can rule it out?

    Ive actually been getting in the cot with him but im going to try something warm on his back? maybe that will help with his tummy coz ive noticed even if im in the cot with him he is still unsettled if im not up against his back. I dont nurse him back to sleep because when i started to he was walking up more frequntly after the feed. i also dont pick him up because he wakes up more n then its harder to get him back to sleep unless i put him on my chest but if he wakes up in his bed after falling asleep on me when he wakes he usually has more difficulty self settling as opposed to when ijust get out of the cot.

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