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Thread: nursing pads sticking to me

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    Default nursing pads sticking to me

    I have been using washable and disposable nursing pads and both stick to my nipples. Pulling them off irritates the alot. Am I doning something wrong?

    I have tried to not wear a bra but my left nipple is senstive to fabric (or anything) touching it.
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    Default Re: nursing pads sticking to me

    You might want to try washable cotton pads ... they never stuck to me. And maybe using a little nipple cream would help?

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    Default Re: nursing pads sticking to me

    I had the same problem with nursing pads that stuck and hurt to pull off. With my son, I used Soothies. They're gel pads with an absorbing layer on the back. The gel part goes against your nipples and it felt so cool and soothing on my raw nipples. I think they sell them at CVS.
    Have you tried lanolin?
    I have really big, heavy breasts and it's too painful to go braless. I did fall in love with the bra tanks. You can just pull it up to nurse. I wore these only at home, but with a newborn I didn't leave the house much anyway!!
    Good luck!
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    Default Re: nursing pads sticking to me

    I use cotton ones and I've found that if I let my nipples dry for a before closing my bra it help a lot with the sticking.

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    Default Re: nursing pads sticking to me

    Try taking some "Lansinoh" cream, (excellent nipple cream!), and in advance, take some and smear it on the nursing pads (I used disposable), then put them in the freezer and have a few on hand ready to use. They do not stick to your nipple, and they have a very 'healing' affect, I used them all the time in the beginning and loved it! And this cream is not harmful to the baby at all.

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