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    My DD is 14.5 mo. I've been pumping/working since she was 9 weeks old - therefore exculsively pumping at work 3x per day for a little over a year (decreased to 1x per day in June). DS exclusively nurses mornings/evenings/weekends. I've been not getting much while pumping (total of 12 oz when used to getting 14-15) over the past week and am ready to pump wean. I have 2376 oz (yes - a lot) stored in the freezer so I can use that for the next 4-5 months. Is it ok to pump wean but still nurse morning/evenings/weekends at 14.5 months or should I continue to pump 1x per day for a while longer? My daycare provider has been saying DD is now drinking regular milk from other kiddos sippy cups, and she's handling it ok - but I still want her to get EBF for as long as possible (at least through this winter to get another boost of those healthy antiboties to prevent cold/flu). Is nursing just morning/evenings/weekends going to provider her with enough of antiboties? Am I pump weaning too early?

    FYI - I posted this under the working forum as well.

    Thanks for any replies!

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    Yes, you can pump wean and nurse when you are together. Great job momma!!

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    You can surely pump wean now. You kept it up longer than I did! Good for you!
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    Yes you are probably safe to pump wean but please do it gradually. 12 oz is still a substantial amount of milk. Can you cut out your least productive session for a week, see how it goes, and then cut out the second one and then later the first one? Pumping at work can be really difficult and I applaud you for doing it this long. But just do it gradually so you don't end up with plugged ducts or mastitis or anything else. Even decrease the time you pump (12 minutes vs 15 or 10 minutes even).
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    I pumped for 13 days when my son was in the NICU and I have so much respect for people who can do it for a year! It is not fun....at least I didn't think it was, and I'm not sure if I could have done it for as long as you did. I think you are amazing and very strong willed.
    Great job! I personally think if you're going to nurse when you're together (and I think the actually latching to mom is the most important part at this age, although those antibodies are still doing their job, too) you can definitely give up the pump.

    You're pumping so much you should definitely wean yourself gradually,though! No one likes being engorged!
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    If I read right, you decreased to pumping only once a day in June and you are still getting 12oz a day. That is actually a huge amount in one session. My DD just turned 12months, and I am planning to pump wean soon. I have already cut down to one pumping session/shift. I currently average about 10oz during that session. My plan is to try to stop pumping after only 6 to 8oz the next few shifts, and gradually cut back from there.

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    Today is day #2 of not pumping while at work. I'm still pumping in the morning and evening (had to pump driving home from work because I couldn't take the pain). I pumped 13 oz after 10 hours of nothing and nursed DD when I got home. It's odd to know that I have a little time for lunch today with other people. I'm / we're taking it day by day.

    Thank you all for the replies!

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