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    My DD is 14.5 mo. I've been pumping/working since she was 9 weeks old - therefore exculsively pumping at work 3x per day for a little over a year (decreased to 1x per day in June). DS exclusively nurses mornings/evenings/weekends. I've been not getting much while pumping (total of 12 oz when used to getting 14-15) over the past week and am ready to pump wean. I have 2376 oz (yes - a lot) stored in the freezer so I can use that for the next 4-5 months. Is it ok to pump wean but still nurse morning/evenings/weekends at 14.5 months or should I continue to pump 1x per day for a while longer? My daycare provider has been saying DD is now drinking regular milk from other kiddos sippy cups, and she's handling it ok - but I still want her to get EBF for as long as possible (at least through this winter to get another boost of those healthy antiboties to prevent cold/flu). Is nursing just morning/evenings/weekends going to provider her with enough of antiboties? Am I pump weaning too early?

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    Your baby is a nursing baby, soon to be a nursing toddler. she nurses all week-end long. if you are ready to forgo pumping and she is a good eater otherwise, then go for it. If after a few days you are not happy with the results you can always return to pumping.
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    i stopped pumping around 14 months and am still nursing my 19 month old when i'm home. as long as you're nursing a solid 3-4 times a day i don't think you have to worry about supplementing.
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