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Thread: Experience with Domperidone to increase milk supply? side effects for babies?

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    Default Experience with Domperidone to increase milk supply? side effects for babies?

    5 weeks postpartum my sister has been put on Domperidone to increase her milk supply. She hasn't been able to leave the house since due to constant bowel movements. Does anyone have experience with side-effects from this drug? Does it get better? Are there better alternatives? I was on the herb Fenugrek myself because I refused to use drugs but this didn't increase my milk supply and left me smelling like a pancake breakfast and I had to live with supplementing.

    Her son is having a lot of gas distress at the moment. My sister thinks that it was the peanuts which she had been eating to keep up her protein but I am wondering since the medication is causing bowel issues for her whether the baby might also be reacting?

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    Default Re: Experience with Domperidone to incre

    Hi there, I don't have any specific experience with this medication. It's pretty common for BF babies to poop very, very often at this age. My daughter probably pooped anywhere from 14-16 times a day at this age. Is the poop yellow and seedy?

    If your sister has specific concerns about any medications, she can call www.infantrisk.com during normal business hours, and they will answer any questions she has. That being said, my understanding is that this medication is safe for nursing.


    As far as knowing if the baby is getting enough to eat - well the best way to judge that is based on output of wet and dirty diapers. If your sister's baby is having that many bowel movements, it sounds like things are ok. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/ne...tml#afterweek1


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