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    I am getting ready to go back to work and started pumping and freezing. The only time I get 2 or 3 ounces is the early morning feeding. Every other time I only get a half an ounce. I pump for 10-20 minutes and keep the pump on even after the milk stops. I do a lot of compressions and massages during the time I am pumping.

    The LO also does not seem to be satisfied after she is done eating. If I am pumping so little, I can only assume she is not getting enough food.

    Any suggestions.

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    Pump output is not a good indicator of milk intake. The baby is much more effective at emptying the breast, and pumping is a learned skill so you shouldn't expect fabulous results right off the bat.

    Half an ounce is actually pretty normal yield after a nursing session. It's also normal to get more milk in the morning, since most women have prolactin (the milk-producing hormone) levels which peak at night and in the early morning. remember that once you are back to work, you will not be pumping in addition to nursing. You will be pumping instead of nursing, so you will probably get more milk. However, if you start back to work and still aren't getting enough, there are ways to boost output, like using a better pump, trying different shields, pumping more frequently, power pumping, etc.

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    What she said: Your pump output sounds GREAT for someone who is pumping in addition to nursing. When you're nursing your baby, your supply regulates to meet demand. When you add pumping on top of that, you're not likely to get much. 2-3 oz in the morning is GREAT output. All you need is enough for your first day, plus maybe another day or two in the freezer, so don't stress.

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