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Thread: Clogged duct and a fever

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    Default Clogged duct and a fever

    I have a clogged duct along with a fever. I feel horrible. I was wondering if it was possible for the duct to get better on its own or if I was going to need antibiotics. I've had clogged ducts before but never with a fever like this. I plan to call the doctor tomorrow but of course stuff like this always happens on a weekend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    PS...No redness or hot mark on my breast...just a clog and a lot of pain. My baby is almost four months old and has not changed her nursing habits. (This is my third child so I am not new at this...I've just never felt like this before. Thanks!!)

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    Default Re: Clogged duct and a fever

    Clog + pain + fever might = mastitis. So yes, please do call your doctor.

    It is possible to recover from mastitis without using antibiotics. Frequent and complete milk removal is the key to doing so, so get the affected breast as empty as possible as often as possible. Start feedings on that breast, pump it if the baby isn't doing a good job on it, and do lots of moist heat and massage. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Clogged duct and a fever

    i took a bath and massaged in there, also in the shower. warmth, massage and nursing. keep at it! feel better

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    Default Re: Clogged duct and a fever

    Drink lots of water and keep away from saturated fats. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Default Re: Clogged duct and a fever

    oh yeah, that sounds like mastitis.

    If it is acute mastitis (YOU WILL FEEL AWFUL) you need to be on antibiotics, but if it isn't to the point where you feel like you're on death's door you can try more holistic things. It gets bad fast, though, you may want to call your doctor.

    The best thing to do is nurse through it.

    Oh, and you don't need a red mark for mastitis. There are different levels of clinical mastitis and even sub-clinical mastitis.
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    Default Re: Clogged duct and a fever

    s It does sound like mastitis and to prevent it from getting worse or becoming an abcess you should call your dr. Hope you feel better soon!
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