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Thread: Period and milk supply

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    Default Period and milk supply

    I'm sure some of you have seen my previous posts regarding my apparently low milk supply. Although I know I have more than my dd is willing to get out. Anyway, I'm trying to increase my supply but this morning I started my period. I always thought that was a sign that supply is going down. Does anyone know if this is true?

    BTW, dd didn't eat much half the morning and then ate every hour to 2 1/2 hours this afternoon. Do you think she's making up for the morning or that it's a further sign of my slow down? She pulled off once this afternoon and I still had a stream of milk spraying out (not too forcefully to cause her to stop) so I know that there's at least SOME milk there!

    I really like Momma1's suggestion in a pp to get a scale so I can assess the situation. However, my dh is not willing to have me spend the money. He thinks I should just supplement if I'm concerned and thinks I'm obsessing. Okay, maybe I am, but this is too important not to worry about!!!!! My bf clinic is only open on Wednesdays or else I'd be living there!

    Thanks everyone. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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    Default Re: Period and milk supply

    I got my first period at 5 weeks pp and I have an ample milk supply so I don't think it is a sign your supply is going down. Your DD might be making up for the morning... nursing like that will help your supply though, so thats good! You shouldn't need to supplement. I found that pumping after feedings will help in increasing my supply... if you have a pump you could try that. Good Luck!

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