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Thread: Vacation in a Month, Considering Weaning

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    Default Vacation in a Month, Considering Weaning

    I am *strongly* considering weaning DD. Her nursing has been driving me up the wall for months now. She is 31 months now (just over 2.5) and absolutely obsessed with nursing. If I allowed it, she would nurse 20X or more a day. I take her on outings, we do activities, I try to keep her as busy as possible but she has an absolute meltdown tantrum if she can't nurse. I have desperately tried to cut out feeds (and have sort of succeeded) but i'd say she still nurses on average about 6-10 times a day plus all night. Night weaning has never worked, predominantly because we have to sleep in the same bed and I have no other parent to take over bedtime.

    I am a single mom, a full time student and I don't have the time or energy to keep this up all the time (it's really not fun, and it upsets me to have to literally take her off of me screaming). I was 20 when I had DD and my goal was to breastfeed for 6 months. I'm 24 now and DD will be 3 in December and I feel proud of what we have accomplished....but I don't think being proud of it warrants ending something she is so desperately attached to.

    At the end of august I am going away for 3 nights (4 days) without her. I have done 2 nights(3 days) and she did just fine. When i'm not around she looks for me but will go to sleep with little fuss for her grandparents. I'm wondering if I should attempt to wean (or seriously cut down to 1-2 feedings before then), and also thinking she may not be interested when I get back? Preferably i'd like to have such a low number of feedings that I don't risk getting severely engorged etc while I am away, although I would be open to continuing nursing when I get back although not at the same frequency.
    Any thoughts? TIA
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    Default Re: Vacation in a Month, Considering Weaning

    Oh wow, this sounds exactly like my three-year-old. He was nursing SO MUCH and all night I was feeling frustrated and hopeless. Every time I'd sit down he would climb on me and nurse.
    He was a little older than 2.5 when we left him for the first time overnight (and we were gone for a week!) with my parents. I attempted to slow down feedings, but it didn't work. He did GREAT, never got upset or wanted to nurse...Although my parents co-slept with him and my mom said she woke up with him sleeping with his hand in her shirt holding her breast! lol

    When I came home I thought I might just want to wean him, but he wasn't ready and I don't think I was either. We kept it at 1 or 2 feedings a day for about a month and then it slowly crept back up, but that was due to me allowing it.

    I completely understand your feelings! Nursing that much and doing it for years IS NOT FUN and being sleep deprived from doing it doesn't help, either. I think you should do what you feel is right.

    However, in my experience, I know that it is fairly easy when going on a trip to come back and have feedings go way way down. So if you are feeling guilty about stopping and you don't think she is ready, I think you definitely could just drop your feedings down to once or twice a day...that may make everyone happy!
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    Default Re: Vacation in a Month, Considering Wea

    My dd will be 2y in Sept and she would nurse everytime I sat down if I would let her. I have gotten her down to 2 to 4 times a day and then through the night as needed. I have told her she can nurse after lunch before nap and when she gets up from nap and before bed. When she wants to nurse in between I will get her mind on a song, book, or her fav thing right now is a wiggles dvd I bought for our oldest years ago so that is helping. She still gets mad but I just reassure her that momma still loves her and we will ni-nee later after lunch or supper. Good luck I have many days where I would love to be done esp at night and her in her own bed. Going to work on that in the near future too!
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